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Section clear remaining part blurred

I am trying to take a picture of circular intestinal organoid. If I focus on periphery, the center part gets blurred and vice-versa. Is there any way to get whole section focussed. Thank you. 

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    It looks like you've found HDR tool, but you need EDF (in the same ribbon group).



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    Hi Mohan,

    Image-Pro has EDF (Extended Depth of Field) tool that purpose. You can capture multiple images with different Z positions and then combine all of them in EDF tool creating Best-Focus image.


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    Thank you Yuri. You have been very informative.

    In the same problem, will use of
    1. filters or 
    2. HDR merge, global tone mapping
    Will help any better. 

    Also, I took section image (only central part) using Zoom. Sharpness decreased. Will there be any option to sharpness while focusing only small central section. 
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    Thank you Yuri. Now it works
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