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I am trying to get count statistics per AOI/ROI

How do I get measurement statistics per ROI.

I am doing very basic threshold and count objects on multiple ROIs. I want the measurement stats (sum: Area) per ROI along with the area of the ROI, but it seems the results are combined when I hit count after drawing a few ROIs.

In the past I have used line profiles, I did get measurements and stats separated per line in the final data table.

Any help would be appreciated.


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    In 9.3 you can use the following steps:

    1. Draw measurement outlines using Measurements rectangle or polygon tool (not ROI!) it will define your parent areas.
    2. Activate "Preserve existing data", "Use as outlines", segment children, click Count - you will get correct parent/child associations and measurements.
    3. Group data table by "Parent" (Group by Parent), so you get statistics. Optionally you can also apply "Classify by Group" (in the Grouping button dropdown so your child objects will get different colors).



  • Hi Ajay,

    If you have Image-Pro 10, then just use "Count by ROI" button and check statistics per class:

  • Yuri, I am running image pro premiere 9.3, I don't have that option. How do I accomplish similar functionality in my macro on premier 9.3, since that function is not available.
  • Great ! that worked. 

    Thank you Yuri
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