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Batch processing

A customer is trying to use batch processing for a set of images. (IP 10)  As this takes much longer than with IP v. 7x is there a way to
turn off screen update or anything that will speed up the analysis.


  • Hi Rita,

    There are many ways the macros can be optimized, it all depends on the macros. If the processing is done on a single image opened by Batch processing, you can switch off "Display Documents" in the Batch panel to do processing on invisible images, though you may need to examine/modify your macro to handle that, as if the macro was created by just activating "Record Macro" option, it assumes that the images are visible.
    Also, if the macro creates intermediate images, they also can be created as invisible by setting the "Visible" property to False.

    You can check this topic that addresses a similar issue: http://forums.mediacy.com/discussion/comment/2644#Comment_2644 


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