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I am working on an APP for IMAGE-PRO (using 10.0.4) and all is going well except that IMAGE-PRO is performing an AUTOSAVE into

    C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Image-Pro 10\Images

The APP is pretty well behaved and I'm not having crashing issues or anything but the same image may sit open within IMAGE-PRO for quite some time and be operated on multiple times by the APP before it is closed (normally without saving).  When I take a break from APP DEVELOPMENT, shut down IMAGE-PRO (gracefully), check e-mail / freshen coffee / etc, restart IMAGE-PRO, I am presented with a message about RECOVERING the last image that I was working on.

If I say "YES" to "RECOVER the IMAGE?", IMAGE-PRO opens the image but does not remove it from the

    C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Image-Pro 10\Images


I would like to opt out of this behavior if possible since some of the images I am working with are very large and saving extra copies of them is not needed.

I have looked through the FILE + OPTIONS and RESOURCE MONITOR screens and I do not see anything that seems to apply.

Thank you in advance.

-- Matt

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    You can switch off auto-recover in the application options, File page:



  • 2019-05-07-083706

    Yuri --

    Thanks for the info.

    I missed these settings on my review of IMAGE-PRO OPTIONS.

    Thanks again.

    -- Matt

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