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hello im roby from Indonesia. please help me

how to measure the area of stained in thats image?? thankyou

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    Hi Roby,

    One of the ways would be to use Smart segmentation to detect stained areas and measure sum of Area or Percent Area:

    You can check our media library http://www.mediacy.com/support/imagepro/media for video tutorials about smart segmentation and measurements in Image-Pro.




  • Thankyou mr.Yuri, but i means the area with pink color, not the cells that you select. Percent of all pink color in that image
  • Sorry my gramar is not really good
  • Hi Roby,

    Using Smart segmentation, you can segment any color you want, I showed the first screenshot just as illustration of the principle. Here is another one with second class that segments all pink (shown with green overlay):

  • If i want to measure
    The glomerular area thats i give blue line in this image and then i want to measure the pink colour in thats area to. The last is calculate rasio the pink area to the glomerular area (all measurment in blue line that i mark) Would you like to give me a video? I want to learn more correctly. Thankyou before
  • Hi Roby,

    Please check our media center that has many video tutorials, including smart segmentation:  http://www.mediacy.com/support/imagepro/media 


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