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Image Pro Premier Macros to Image Pro 10


Are the Image Pro Premier Macros (otolith macro) compatible with Image Pro 10?


  • Image-Pro has a dedicated Otolith app, which you can find in the apps center: http://www.mediacy.com/support/imagepro/appcenter/otolith-application-27-detail

  • Yes, Image-Pro Premier macros are compatible in general. Note that the basic interpreter is becoming better at finding errors before run time, so it may occasionally find errors at load time that were undetected before.
  • Has anyone been using the otolith app in Image Pro 10? I tried it with the trial version of IP10 and it worked until I wanted to delete a mark and then it froze the program. This happened with both major and minor mark edits. I'm just wondering if this happened with anyone else. 
  • lwetzel.

    It is a bug identified in IP 10.0.7, which cases problems when you delete one of the marks. It will be fixed in the next patch. You can also contact tech support ([email protected]) to get a hot fix for 10.0.7.

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