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smart count

I'm trying to count the cells using "Smart" in Count/Size tap. however, the attached or nearby cells are not recognized separately.(please, refer to the following image). What should I do? 

Raw image 


  • Minhui,

    Try to activate "Split with Count" option in the Split button dropdown. You can choose Watershed or Boundary shape option.

  • Hello YuriG!

    Thank for your reply.

    however, I already tried "Split with count"  and It is hard to separate the attached cells completely(Some were not separated.)

    Is there any other option?

    Thank you!
  • Hi Minhui,

    I can see that your cells have a bright area (a couple of pixels) in the center. You can use Top-Hat filter (3D filters, Morpho group) to detect these areas as pre-processing step, then you can much easier segment them separately. 


  • Hi Minhui,

    I've attached several options that use Top-Hat filter in smart segmentation to count the cells on your image.
    The screenshot below shows the result of ringtophatgrow.iqo (load the image, load the IQO file from Count/Size tab, Measurements group and click Count):

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