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Automatically measure distance between two moving object for a video

Dear Altruists,

I have a video where two objects are moving. I want to measure the distance between two object automatically as in my real video is too large where measuring the distance frame by frame manually is way too time consuming. 
I am not an expert in image pro coding. I will be grateful if you can give me some instruction on how can i do that in image pro. 
I have attached an sample image which will tell you actually what I want.



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    Hi Ahmed,

    There are several ways to do that in Image-Pro:

    1. You can use object tracking and get coordinates of objects on every frame, then measure the difference.
    2. If the objects are located as on your screenshot, you can use Line profile (draw line though both objects) and automatically measure distance between Valleys.
    3. Use Count to segment the objects and then Derived measurement "Distance between centers".


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