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Changing individual object to another class after learning classification

Is there a way to change an object classified...for example as "A" to "B" after the running a learning classification? When I open the learning classification and select the pointer that allows me to identify more "B"'s it jumps to one of the objects already classified as a "B". Unfortunately if the image has many objects the object that you wished to reclassify is typically not in the display and it is difficult to find even if one starts the process relatively "zoomed out".

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    You can change class of any object by selecting the object and clicking the Apply button in the Class ribbon group. The active class will be applied to selected objects.

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    When you activate object picking mode in learning classification, the window scrolls to the location of object that is already in the collection, as you describe. (this is by design, to help locating marked objects, reference objects that belong to other class are shown with dashed outline).
    The way to handle your issue is to  Activate object picking mode on whole image and then examine it (zoom in. scroll, pan...) and add/remove new reference objects using Ctrl-clicks.



  • Yuri, okay I see how to do that and that works great. On an image with a large count however, if I want to not just reclassify that object but also make it part of the learning classification I have already set up I can't seem to do it. Once I open the learning classification dialog and select the class that I want to move the object of interest into....the display immediately goes to the field in which I have done the prior learning classification.....typically very far from the object I want to select.  Does that make sense?
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