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Listbox and Dialog (dlg) Macro and IPbasic

(Originally posted by Masse on 3/23/2006)

I have a problem, I can't capture the variable called in a listbox.
It's not as a Textbox :
var = DlgText (text)


  • (Originally posted by YuriG on 3/23/2006)

    Here is the example from IPBasic help (DropListBox):

    Sub TestListBox()
    Dim lists$(3)
    lists$(0) = "List 0"
    lists$(1) = "List 1"
    lists$(2) = "List 2"
    lists$(3) = "List 3"
    Begin Dialog UserDialog 200,120
    Text 10,10,180,15,"Please push the OK button"
    DropListBox 10,25,180,60,lists$(),.list1
    DropListBox 10,50,180,60,lists$(),.list2,1
    OKButton 80,90,40,20
    End Dialog
    Dim dlg As UserDialog
    dlg.list1 = 2 ' list1 is a numeric field
    dlg.list2 = "xxx" ' list2 is a string field
    Dialog dlg ' show dialog (wait for ok)
    Debug.Print lists$(dlg.list1)
    Debug.Print dlg.list2
    End Sub

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