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change filename after editing image

I struggle to find a way how to change a file name from "xyz" to "xyz_corrected".
I load image "original", then apply a 2d filter creating a new image.

The .name function allows me to define a string as the new file name, however I delete the original name.... while I actually would like to add the string "_corrected" to the end of the original file name.
.Name = "low_pass"

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    Hi Diet,

    You can use doc1.FileName property to get the full file name of the original file and the System.IO function to get the name without extension, like this:

        Sub PrintDocName
            Dim doc1 As IMcDocument=ThisApplication.ActiveDocument
            Dim oldName As String=System.IO.Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(doc1.FileName)
        End Sub



  • I found a way using the below, however it calls the "orignal" name with the file type... so the result is "original_jpg_low pass". This works for me... but would there be any other function than doc1.name that only yields the name without file type (jpg)?

    Thanks a lot.
    Dim title1 As String
    With Adjust.ImageCommands.Duplicate(correct_)
                title1 = doc1.name + " low pass"
                .Name = title1

  • 2019-08-15-083714

    Diet --

    Below is a section of CODE from one of the APPS that I have written. 

    I believe if you review this and combine the information within with the information you and YURI have provided, you will have the solution to your challenge.

    I hope this information is helpful.

    -- Matt


                    'Find the extension on the image name
                    Dim MyIndex1 As Integer = _
                        InStrRev(Trim(textBox_FullExperimentLogFileName.text), ".")

                    'Build the full name for the txt file
                    Dim MyFullFileNameTifFile As String

                    If _
                        ( _
                        Trim(textBox_CurrentWellName.text) <> "" _
                        ) _

                            'USE THE NAME OF THE CURRENT WELL IN THE NAME
                            MyFullFileNameTifFile = _
                                Left(Trim(textBox_FullExperimentLogFileName.text), MyIndex1 - 1) & _
                                " -- " & _
                                AlcesNow () & _
                                " -- " & _
                                "WELL_" & _
                                textBox_CurrentWellName.text & _


                            'USE 000 IN THE NAME
                            MyFullFileNameTifFile = _
                                Left(Trim(textBox_FullExperimentLogFileName.text), MyIndex1 - 1) & _
                                " -- " & _
                                AlcesNow () & _
                                " -- " & _
                                "WELL_" & _
                                "000" & _

                        End If

                    'Save the active image in the appropriate TIF FILE
                    With Application.DocumentCommands.SaveAs(Nothing)
                        .FileName = _
                    End With
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