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data not exporting to excel


We are running a series of measures, normally we are able to export to excel. For some reason this is not happening, even shutting down the program and restarting the application did not help. Please advise

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  • Thank you Yuri,

    I ran this macro and restarted office 365. The data is now exporting into excel.

  • Thank you, YuriG,
    I ran the macro and rebooted office 365. The data is exporting into excel as expected.


  • Image-Pro automatically detects Excel and if it's available, can send data. 
    Do you have Excel on your computer? What version?
    Did it work before?
    What table are you trying to export?
    Are you able to save table to XLS file?

  • Yes, I have excel and it was working fine a couple of days ago. I am using office 365, we can copy and paste the data but we were able to forward the measures from the data table.

  • Can you please run the 2 macros below, so we can see where the problem is?

        Public Sub ExportExcelCommandTest
            Dim c As MediaCy.Commands.Export.ExportToExcel
            c = New MediaCy.Commands.Export.ExportToExcel
            c.Run("Line 1", "Line 2")
        End Sub
        Public Sub HelloExcel
            Dim xlApp As Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Application = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
            If xlApp Is Nothing Then Exit Sub' no excel
            With xlApp
                .Visible = True
            End With 

    Please let us know which macro starts Excel and places some text in Sheet1.



  • Error message
  • I don't see the left part of the macro, so it could be a problem with copy/paste.

    Please try the attached macro project, that has these 2 functions.


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