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Image name to Excel

(Originally posted by atwhiteley on 7/27/2006)

How do you get the name of the image you are working on to be exported to a cell in Excel. I have been trying to use various commands but I cannot make it work. Any ideas?


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    (Originally posted by KevinR on 7/28/2006)

    The Data Collector can capture the image name directly, and Data Collector results can be sent to Excel.

    Alternatively, you can obtain the image name with the macro command:

    Dim imName as string *255
    ret = IpDocGetStr(INF_NAME, DOCSEL_ACTIVE, imName)

    This string can be written to the Output Window with IpOutput( ) commands (or IPrint( ), which appends a CR/LF to the end of the string), and the Output Window can be used to export the data to Excel. Record sending the Output Window contents to Excel for that.

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