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I'm trying to measure some structures captured with another program. It looks like the image format might not be supported by Image Pro Premier 9.2, but I was hoping that it was something else, or that there is a work around. I attached the image in case anyone has any suggestions. I get the following error when I try to open it:

Error in Image-Pro Premier 64-bit
Failed to open file 145_1_scale1a.tif.
This file format or functionality is not supported

ErrorCode: -2076180369
Message: This file format or functionality is not supported
Data: System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal
InnerException: Nothing
TargetSite: MediaCy.IQL.Application.IMcDocument LoadDocument(System.Object, System.String)
StackTrace:    at MediaCy.IQL.Application.McControllers.LoadDocument(Object source, String type)
   at MediaCy.IQL.Application.McDocuments.OpenFile(String filename, Boolean visible, String view, Boolean mru, Boolean showError)
HelpLink: IQL.chm#5011
Source: McImageLib.McEngine
HResult: -2076180369
Call Stack:
    MediaCy.IQL.Application.IMcDocument LoadDocument(System.Object, System.String):
    MediaCy.IQL.Application.IMcDocument OpenFile(System.String, Boolean, System.String, Boolean, Boolean):

Thanks for your help.


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    Hi Kevin,

    Thank you for reporting this issue and test image - I've filed a request to fix this in the next version.
    I'll get back to you with a solution for the current version.

    Thank you,
  • Accepted Answer
    Hi Kevin,

    The 145_1_scale1a.tif image is a 4-bit (unusual format for image analysis) and not supported in IP Premier. I'll file a feature suggestion to support this format.
    As a current solution, please, adjust saving format to 8-bit in the software you are using to capture images.

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