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Analysis of skin

 I would like to ask for some advice about analysis of face, I would like to analyse wrinkles spots, pores, texture of skin etc. Thank You for any advice



  • Hi Ilona,

    Sorry for the delay with response, I will try to answer your question.

    Image-Pro has all the tools to analyze skin and cosmetics in general, it can measure pores, wrinkles, skin color and texture. The issue is that it's not wrapped into a dedicated app, so user has to do steps manually or record simple macros to do the analysis. For example, to measure pores you can just run one of edge filters (Sobel or Top-Hat plus) and count bright objects.
    So, some experience in image processing is required to follow all the workflows.

    If you have some specific questions how to perform certain analysis, please post it here and we will try to answer them.

    Best regards,

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