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Can't launch Image Pro After updating 10.0.12

Today I installed the latest Image Pro Update (10.0.12). After this update, I can't start Image pro. The error message is attached. Any he help will be appreciated.


  • did you get an answer from Image Pro?  We just installed 10.0.12 and cannot get live image.  Then program does not respond.
  • Hi jwcatino,

    We recommend that you update to the latest capture interface for your camera, we expect this to resolve your issue. 

    You can find capture interfaces here: 

    Hardware Support (mediacy.com)

    If this fails to resolve your issue please open a ticket on our technical support desk. 

    Best Regards,

  • Did not work.  Same result.  
  • Based on my experience, this is an error in the new update. The reason I suspect that is that the capture interface was the same version. Here's what I did.
    1. Turn off image pro
    2 Uninstall the capture interface from the control panel add/remove programs.
    3. Restart the computer
    4. Reinstall the capture interface
    5. plug in the camera
    6. Start image pro
    Good luck!
  • jwcatino said:
    Did not work.  Same result.  
    Please don't hesitate to contact the support desk for further assistance. 
  • BTW Lumenera 3-3UR Color driver download gives 404 error
  • Hi JWCatino, 

    Please contact the support desk and I'll be happy to send a link to the capture interface. 

    I'm sure we can get you up and running quickly. 

    The e-mail address is:



  • flying_worm and Andrew_B,  
    Thank you both for the suggestions.  Re-installation of drivers solved the issue.  Much appreciated.

  • Thanks for letting us know! 
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