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Scale bar disappears from saved image

I am having the issue that the scale bar is not being saved with my image in the images folder of my PC. The scale bar is present in live view and also when the image is captured on the side bar within Image pro premier software, but it then doesn't appear to save with the image into the folder. The image is being saved as a .tiff file. I have been told the software used to save it in the image folder but may have changed since an update. I have not seen this however. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Scale bar is not a part of the image, it's a dynamic overlay, which you can turn on or off. Use "Capture tab - Calibration group, Options dropdown - Toggle marker" to toggle scale bar on the image.

    If you want to burn scale bar to the image, use Snap button on the review tab.

  • Fab, thanks Yuri, I shall try that snap feature.
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